Welcome to the Astria Porta Network homepage!

We are the premium hypergrid teleport network in Open Simulator! We themed our hypergrid portals using the Stargate design and experience.

Throughout this site is all the information you need to get started and use these stargates. If you have any questions or thoughts that are not answered here you can find us on OS Grid or Second Life.

To start, you can get the stargate package on OSGrid at Astria Porta, and in Second Life at Nevermore.

There are notecards inside that have more information to help you get set up as well.

Network Stats


For More Information

For more information or to contact us you can reach out through social media listed at the botton of this page or in-world, search for the following avatars:

Technical Support - Spectre Draconia (OS Grid & Second Life)
Build Issues - Nick Balers, or Njord Asgard (OS Grid)

Network News

Known Stargates
Important - OpenSim Instructions

Sim requirements: osTeleportAgent, osGetGridNick, and osGetGridGatekeeperURI need to be enabled for this to work correctly.

osGetGridNick and osGetGridGatekeeperURI are REQUIRED in order to allow for hypergrid travel.

The defaults should be suffecient now, but if you are having trouble here are the recommended settings in enableOSSL.ini:




Also in order for these gates to work properly you will need to modify a setting in your OpenSim.ini

ExternalHostNameForLSL = "your.FQDN.com"

or you can use your static IP address:
ExternalHostNameForLSL = ""

A "fully qualified domain name" (FQDN) can be obtained from a free dynamic DNS provider such as DynDNS.org, no-ip.com, or Afraid.org.

If your sim is hosted, your provider can make the changes needed or give you the information required to update your OpenSim.ini file.
If you are unable to make these changes the gate will not work properly.

How to use the Gates

Currently these are the commands working on channel 46. This means prefix the commands below with /46.

Owner Only Commands (commands only the gate owner can use to adjust the settings):

/name <name you want your gate to be named> - renames your gate
/alias <a short alias for your gate> - changes your gate's alias
/random <1/0> - toggle random 1 = on, 0 = off
/sdial <1/0> - toggle the slow "SGC" style dialing on and off
/shield_type <0/1/2/3> - iris type - 0 is no iris, 1 is SGC style iris, 2 is Atlatis style, 3 is for a custom iris (one you make)
/shield <1/0> - toggles your iris closed/open
/ch0 <1/0> - toggles "public" chat commands allowing you to dial by just typing in 'local' chat
/imgurl <url> - links a image to your gate on the gate list page (soon to be depreciated)

Public Commands:

/d or /dial <name/alias/random> - dial a gate (random will dial a random gate)
/shutdown - shutdown outgoing wormholes
/probe - will return data about the dialed into location (data sent back via API commands)

example: /46 /dial Astria Porta
This command will dial the gate for Astria Porta


Prior to being able to Hypergrid you will need to rez the "Grid Registration" device. This will register your unique grid with the database and allow for seamless hypergrid travel.

Due to the massive amount of power required to connect two gates across the metaverse the ZPM is REQUIRED in order to make a connection.

The command to dial a hypergrid gate is as follows:

/d or /dial <name/alias>:<grid>

Example: /46 /d Astria Porta:OSGrid

While hypergrid travel is unavailable on Second Life you can still communicate with people via radio communications while the wormhole is active.

Grid Registration (Opensim Grids)

Registering your grid is required prior to being able to use the hypergrid feature in the APN gates.

To register simply rez the "Grid Registration" box on your sim and click it. If you have your OpenSim.ini configured as previously shown your grid will register with the APN Network.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us find us on Discord

We are also available via FaceBook

Bugs or feature requests? http://bugs.astria-porta.net/

Feel free to join our group Astria Porta Network on OSGrid or Astria Porta Network (SL) on Second Life.

Happy gating!

APN Milkyway Network Stargates

A list of features will be available soon!

APN Pegasus Network Stargates

A list of features will be available soon!

APN Universe Network Stargates

This item is not yet available.

APN Power Sources

The Stargates require a power source outside the Stargate. Currently the DHD has a power source, and we have developed the ZPM to dial between Stargate networks.

In a future version of the Stargates we will be adding the 'destroyable' features that will disable the DHD. This will require the Naquadah Reactor and manual dial unless somebody has a 'DHD Repair Tool' which will be released at that time too.

The development of other power sources is also being conducted and eventually released, this includes the Black Hole Device, and Icarus Planet Device. (expected in a later release).

How to use the API Command information

Each Stargate type will have its own communications channel that is not useable by avatars and requires the use of scripting. The following information will tell you what channels work for which gate types.

Also, note, incoming commands are communications from an avatar or object to control the Stargate, change Stargate Settings, etc.

The outgoing commands are responses from the Stargate to the commands sent to them.

API Channels

Milkyway/Tollan Incoming Channel: -709005
Milkyway/Tollan Outgoing Channel: -709004

Pegasus Incoming Channel: -undetermined-
Pegasus Outgoing Channel: -undetermined-

Universe Incoming Channel: -undetermined-
Universe Outgoing Channel: -undetermined-

Incoming API Commands
Command Description Example
dial|<glyph>Dials a glyph on your Stargate (DHD Dial) (Note Glyph is a number)dial|5
send chatter|<name>|<msg>Sends text through an active gate. (ie for radios)send chatter|Spectre Draconia|Coming in hot!
addressReturns native and cross-network addresses (Milkyway and Pegasus addresses)address
probe|<type>Probes the target Stargate (outgoing only) (<type> not avail yet)probe|
directdial|<keyword>Dials a Stargate using direct dial. (Non-DHD Dial)directdial|APN
empSends a pulse through the wormhole extending the open time for 30 secondsemp
interferenceCauses the gate to flicker and make a rumble noise (Mainly for SFX)interference
gate resetResets your gate (abort dhd dial/shutdown outgoing wormhole)gate reset
shutdownShuts down an active wormhole (outgoing only)shutdown
testTests the chevron lamps on your gate.test
set name|<name>Sets the name of your gateset name|Supper Finetime Gate
set alias|<alias>Sets the alias of your gateset alias|SFTG
random|<1/0>Turns on / off random dial listingrandom|1
iris|<1/0>Raises or lowers the gate's iris/shieldiris|1
beaconSends request to gate for location beaconbeacon
position|<vector>Tells the gate to move to position. Intended for gate stands to line up the gate.
(Objects must be owned by gate owner)
Outgoing API Commands
Command Description Example
stargate resetGate has been resetstargate reset
status|<outgoing/incoming/idle/offline/dialing>Gate status has changed.status|incoming
pongGate replied to a ping requestpong
beacon|<x,y,z>Beacon reply with gate's coordinates on the region.beacon|<128,152,25>
lookup <succ/fail>|<reason>Return from any dial API commandlookup fail|No gate in database.
iris|<0/1>Iris open/closediris|1
chevron <#> encodedChevron has lit up (outgoing dhd/slow dial)chevron 4 encoded
chevron <#> engagedChevron has lit up (incoming)chevron 4 engaged
chevron <#> lockedChevron has lit up (finished dial)cheveron 9 locked
dial <succ/fail>|<reason>Stargate has attempted to lock an addressdial fail|gate busy
wormhole closed|Stargate has shutdownwormhole closed|
dialed|<address>Address dialed durring direct dialdialed|5,4,11,23,30,19
wormhole connected|Incoming wormholewormhole connected|
address lookup|<mw>|<peg>Gate address outputaddress lookup|5,4,11,23,30,19|7,9,22,1,14,22
set random|<success/failed>Random dial listingset random|success
set name|<successful/failed>|reasonName changedset name|failed|Name already exists in database
set alias|<success/failed>|reasonAlias changedset alias|success
chatter|<name>|<msg>Wormhole chatter. Ignore names starting with _.chatter|Jotow|Coming in hot!
probe|<succ/fail>|<sim fps>|<time dialation>|<agent count>Target gate probeprobe|success|40.0|99.5|3
interferenceExperiencing interferenceinterference
gate error|<error>An error with the http_responsegate error|server error occured
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Check back soon!

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